Name: Eveline Albers
Role: Creator

Founder of Everforge Studio. Eveline is a person commended and valued for her punctuality and versatility. She is a multitalented creator with a broad interest for topics related to game development, natural sciences and technology.

Eveline is specialized in Quality Assurance & Management, and has extra qualifications in 3D modelling for games, aiming to add 3D printing to her knowledge. In August 2012 she graduated as a European Media Master of Arts and founded Everforge Studio in February 2013 as a brand to self-publish her projects. She build up a well-respected tenure as a fulltime QA tester for Nixxes Software, a company specialized in porting video games for multinationals like Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. This gives her experience in multi-platform game development, development planning, international communication, proper testing procedures, customer tech support, and insight on what it takes to build and ship games in a AAA environment. She fulfilled a role on the company’s works council as extra activity.
In 2021 Eveline decided to join Oribi ID-Solutions to further hone her skills and expand her skillsets in software testing specific to areas that games does not offer.


– Well versed in finding bugs, with specializations in game porting and standards checking.
– Works independently and goal-based.
– Experienced in technical customer support with forum management.
– Possesses a design vision that seeks to explore, reinterpret and redefine the meaning of game-play mechanics.
– Mastery of 3D modelling techniques.
– A highly energetic, friendly, but professional disposition.
– A love for good stories.
– Affinity for science fiction and robotics.
– Polite, but can be candid when needed.

Quick resume:

November 2021 – Present: Software Tester & Test Manager at Oribi ID-Solutions.
August 2013 – November 2021: QA Tester at Nixxes Software.
February 2013 – Present : Started and develops at Everforge Studio.

Games she has worked on at Nixxes Software:

– QA Tester for Spider-Man (2021 PC Port)
– QA Tester for Horizon Zero Dawn (November 2021 PC performance patch)
– QA Tester for Marvel’s Avengers (2020: PC, STADIA, PS4, XBox One)
– QA Tester for Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018: PC, STADIA)
– QA Tester for Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015/2016/2017: X360, XBOX ONE, PC, XBOX ONE X)
– QA Tester for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2016: PC, XBOX ONE, PS4)
– QA Tester for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (2014/2015: PC – PS4 – XBOX ONE)
– QA Tester for Thief (2014: PC)

Games she has worked on at Sticky Studios:

– 3D Artist for Suckerpunch (2011: browser-based)
– 3D artist for Nick Racers Revolution 3D (2011: browser-based)

Visit her Linkedin Profile for more details.